• Paleontology department, University Complutense of Madrid, Madrid, Spain
  • Biostratigraphy, Evolutionary patterns and dynamics, Fossil calibration, Fossil record, Macroecology, Macroevolution, Microfossils, Micropaleontology, Paleobiodiversity, Paleobiogeography, Paleoecology, Systematics, Taxonomy, Vertebrate paleontology
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PhD in Paleontology with a Geology background. Since the beginning of my career, I have been involved in many aspects of paleontology. Not only in the field work and collection management. I have expertise in the taxonomical description and cataloging specimens for collections, and also in the construction of large datasets and use it in taxonomical and phylogenetic studies focusing my interests on the family Cricetidae. In my predoctoral stage, I have achieved a vast knowledge of the European faunas of Cricetidae. Also, in my postdoctoral stage, I have the opportunity to study the Asian faunas of the rodent families Cricetidae and Spalacidae. I have expertise in the management of large datasets to infer macroevolution processes and paleoclimatic inferences, paleodiversity, paleoecology and to biostratigraphical studies. My interests also include the formation of young geologists and paleontology, for that, I have been Teaching Assistant in the Paleontology Department of the University Complutense of Madrid during the in the academic years 2015-2016 (General Geology for geology engineers) 2011-2012 (Geology for Biologist); 2010-2011 (Geodiversity and Paleontological Heritage); 2009-2010 (General Paleontology and I have supervised 5 master projects. And also I have a strong interest in science dissemination and I have presented 29 works to national and international meetings. I have published 24 papers in international journals (peer reviewed and ranked in the Journal Citation Index) and 13 book chapters and non-ranked journals. I have also participated in the organization of open days of the excavation sites of Somosasguas and Cerro de los Batallones in the summer on 2016, as well as the Week of Science (Nov 2016-2017) guiding visits for secondary teachers and impaired persons.

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