• CR2P (UMR 7207), CNRS/MNHN/Sorbonne UniversitĂ©s, Paris, France
  • Comparative anatomy, Evo-Devo, Evolutionary biology, Fossil calibration, Fossil record, Histology, Macroevolution, Morphological evolution, Paleobiodiversity, Paleobiology, Phylogenetics, Systematics, Taxonomy, Vertebrate paleontology
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BSC, biology at the U. of Montreal, 1988; MSC, 1990 and PhD, 1994 at U. of Toronto. Specialized in Permo-Carboniferous tetrapod anatomy, phylogeny and evolution, bone microanatomy, paleobiology, comparative biology, event heterochrony. Chief Editor of CR Palevol, member of several editorial boards (Zoologica Scripta, Contributions to Zoology, Frontiers in Paleontology, Frontiers in Genetics, Journal of Evolutionary Biology, etc.). Currently, leader of the team "Phylogénie et Diversification des Métazoaires" of the CR2P.

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